Created as a love letter to Canada, we weaved a compelling story of Canada’s diverse people and languages, the beauty of our cities and communities, the historic milestones and scientific achievements born here. From the top of Niagara Falls, to iconic and beloved delicacies from coast to coast, This is Canada Nice reminds us of Canada’s distinct personality and offers inspiration to explore when the time is right.

Client: Destination Canada
Studio: Wonderlust
Director: Ryan Rumbolt
Producer: Christian Rankin
Lead Animator: Julian Fumagali
Illustrators in order of appearance: Tom Goyon, Loris Alessandria, Vera Babida, Albert Carruesco, Bernat in Motion, Born in the North, Miguel Angel Camprubi, Fernanda Ribiero, Silvia Bassoli, Claudio Araos Marincovic, Felipe Fiori
Animators: Julian Fumagali, Juan Pontaroli, Leo Compasso, Marco De Vecchi, Federico Bressan, Pablo Rago, Jorge Conde, Florrian Perron, Martin Hurmane, Scott Jonsson
3D scenes: Albert Carruesco, Bernat in Motion
Compositing / Additional AE animation: Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer

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