Foxy by Mozilla
Foxy a new friend for Firefox Lite Asia Firefox Lite is a new faster and lightweight mobile web browser developed for Mozilla to the Asian market. We were invited by Mozilla to create a cute character that represents the values of the new lighter version.
Canada Nice
Xmas 2020 by Coodoo
Meet the Organs
A set of fun and playful animated 3D Internal organ characters. Created to encourage people to keep healthy and active.
More and More Stupid Friends V3
Another compilation of some stupid characters that I created to keep exploring technics and have fun.
Little Monsters Bros. Fosters Hollywood
Character design for Fosters Hollywood Restaurants.
Hello Happy 2019
new Hello Happy 2019 campaign
A personal project to just try to mix my daily monsters with a realistic backgrounds. Hope you like ;)
Google Indie Games
Google APAC engaged Orchid to create a campaign for the launch of their first Google Play/Indie Games Accelerator program, a four-month program for top indie game startups to successfully build, scale, launch, and market the next generation of mobile games.
Hello Happy campaign
When one of the fastest-growing, prestige beauty brands in the world, with over 4,000 counters in 44 countries, asked Orchid to assist in the launch of one of their new products, we were more than happy to jump in.
More Stupid Friends v2
Second part of a personal project just to having fun creating creatures and monsters to keep learnign cinema4d and zbrush skills.
The CCS barometer project
Orchid was asked by Google UK to create a visual asset to showcase the results of their annual Connected Consumer Barometer study (which highlights how people use the internet around the world.)
Stupid Friends
Personal project just to having fun creating creatures and monsters to keep learnign cinema4d and zbrush skills.
Google Play - Xmas Masterhead
Google Play asked us to come up with an interactive banner promoting Google Play’s prepaid cards as part of a special Xmas Campaign in Mexico.
My Yorokobu 2017
Personal entrie for a Yorokobu Magazine.
YouTube - Yearbook 2016
YouTube asked us to build a rewarding program for most popular Creators, so we produced 1281 customized yearbooks and animated videos in 22 different languages.
Orchid - Welcome Pack
Orchid Creation pitched in to create an individualized welcome pack for each beloved team member.
Little Monsters Alphabet
Little Monsters for 36 days of type 04 edition.
ALLiance, All For Democracy
Commercial animation video for All For Democracy, a pro-european alliance for democracy.
GSG - Mini golf
Sometime when we have a little free time, we create some stuff that helps us to get fresh ideas and work in funny animation. We create this animation for Greyscale gorilla contest - five seconds project - mini golf. With the aim of just have fun. by Albert Carruesco and Gerard bernal - 2015
el club - Unidad editorial
Trabajo realizado para la empresa Unidad Editorial Dirección: Albert Carruesco Diseño: Albert Carruesco & Toni Buenavida Modelado 3d: Albert Carruesco & Toni Buenavida Rigging: Toni Buenavida Lighting y Rendering: Albert Carruesco Animación y motion graphics : Zuluz mail:
Lowpoly King's Landing C4D
Just a little personal project to have some fun.
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